This Top-Rated $13 Compression Sleeve Provides 'Instant Relief' for Knee Pain, According to Shoppers

It’s earned more than 18,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, with reviewers highlighting its comfort and effectiveness. 

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Whether caused by arthritis or an old injury, knee pain can keep you from not just staying active, but also from playing with your kids, going for long walks, or simply doing your job. A knee compression sleeve can help by providing just the right amount of pressure to the areas experiencing pain and swelling and by helping increase blood flow, explains John Gallucci Jr., ATC, PT, DPT, president and CEO of JAG-ONE Physical Therapy in New York. And right now, the UFlex Athletics knee compression sleeve, which has more than 18,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, is on sale for just $13.

If you have any kind of knee pain, wearing a compression sleeve while you're being active—be it working out or just standing on your feet for hours—can help provide extra support and decrease pain, Gallucci adds. To bring you relief and accomplish the right combination of compression, flexibility, and support, the UFlex Athletics elastic sleeve uses a closed patella design, which means that it wraps around the kneecap to enhance its stability and prevent muscle strain. It also features four-way stretch capabilities and is made with a special yarn composed of nylon, spandex, and latex, which helps provide support to your muscles and tendons without restricting your movement.

Thanks to its sleek design, the UFlex Athletics compression sleeve can easily be worn beneath clothing. And it won't roll down or bunch up as you move around thanks to non-slip silicone grip lines on the top and bottom to help keep the compression sleeve in place. The fabric is also very lightweight and breathable, and has built-in anti-odor properties. This versatile compression sleeve is unisex and available in sizes S-XL, as well as four color combinations, including plain black or black with red, blue, or pink accents.

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To buy: UFlex Athletics Knee Compression Sleeve, $13 with on-site coupon (was $21);

According to Gallucci, a high-quality sleeve should fit snugly so the compression can be effective, but not so tightly that it's painful or restrictive, and you should be able to move your knee through its full range of motion. To figure out the right size for you, measure your thigh circumference 4 inches above your kneecap and then use the UFlex compression sleeve sizing chart in the product description.

Thousands of Amazon reviewers rave about how comfortable the UFlex Athletics compression sleeve is, its ability to stay in place, and, most of all, its effectiveness. Runners call it a "game changer," with one reviewer saying they went from having to stop at 3 miles to now crushing 10 miles regularly, thanks in part to this sleeve. Another athlete who ran a 15K race followed by a 5K two days later without a problem said they "directly attribute" their "quick recovery time to this knee brace," which protected them from the "added pressure of the concrete."

But it's not just athletes who are astounded by the quality of this compression sleeve. The parent of a 15-year-old who suffered debilitating leg pain and was wheelchair-bound said their daughter went "from not being able to walk to the restroom at school to being able to walk all over Costco," and her "quality of life improved in just five hours" of wearing the UFlex compression sleeve. And a U.S. Marine who has arthritis on both knees said they're now able to do long treks with "85 pounds on [their] back and combat boots" and their "knees feel just fine."

Reviewers also agree that this is the most comfortable compression sleeve they've ever tried. "I hardly remember I have it on," said one shopper who used to dread going up and down stairs because of their knee pain but has now reclaimed their mobility. They also added that the sleeve "is not even noticeable through [their] dress pants," which is another big plus. "No sweating or itching" wrote a buyer who said they found "relief at last." And a customer who uses the sleeve when they start to feel "inflammation and sensitivity in [their] knee" said it feels like a "second [layer] of skin" and it provides "instant relief."

If knee pain is keeping you from doing the activities you enjoy most, the UFlex Athletics knee compression sleeve might just be what you need. With savings of nearly 40%, relief could be just $13 away.

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