Amazon's Newest Kindle Is 'the Best One Yet' Thanks to Some Key Updates—and It's Under $95 for Prime Day

Adjust the font, line spacing, screen warmth, and more to keep your eyes as comfortable as possible.

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If you love reading, there's nothing more frustrating than having or developing vision troubles that make it nearly impossible to read paperbacks, especially in a dimly lit room.

If you have a hard time reading without glasses (presbyopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), or even reduced vision from macular degeneration or glaucoma, e-readers can be quite helpful, says Beverly Hills-based ophthalmologist Brian Boxer Wachler, MD, medical reviewer at All About Vision. And while Amazon Prime Day 2022, which runs through July 13, is a great time to shop a lot of killer e-reader deals, right now the king of the category, the Kindle Paperwhite, is on sale for 32% off.

In addition to giving you access to nearly every title you'd want to read, the Kindle Paperwhite has features that make it easy to enlarge the font, change the font style, increase line spacing, and customize the screen brightness—all of which can make reading easier for folks with the aforementioned conditions, according to Dr. Wachler. Plus, unlike other electronics, Kindle Paperwhites don't emit significant amounts of blue light, which has been shown to disrupt your sleep. So unwinding with this device before bed will improve your sleep hygiene as well if you typically doze off watching TV or scrolling your phone.

Kindle Paperwhite

To buy: Kindle Paperwhite 8GB, $95 (was $140);

Aside from its health perks, the Paperwhite is thin, lightweight, and has a battery that can last up to six weeks on a single charge (depending on how long you're reading daily). It features the Paperwhite's signature 300 ppi glare-free display that allows you to see the 6.8-inch screen even in bright sunlight. And with IPX8-rated waterproofing, it can withstand being submerged, making it the ideal way to unwind next to the pool or in the bath.

For just under $95, score the top-notch upgrades in this 11th Generation option: the touch response (most notably for page-turning) is 20% faster, the screen gets 10% brighter, and the size is nearly an inch bigger than its predecessor's. You also have the option to change the display to a soothing warm yellow light.

This Paperwhite can store up to 8 GB of books rented from your local library or purchased from the Amazon store—and Prime members will have unlimited access to thousands of eBooks, magazines, comics, and more (sign up for a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime to start taking advantage). If that's not enough for your voracious mind, you can upgrade to Kindle Unlimited and access over 2 million titles for free—right now, the membership is also on Prime Day sale for just $4.99 a month when you sign up for two months, or you can sign up for a free 30-day trial.

This Kindle model has nearly 10,000 five-star ratings, and reviewers say they are "loving the larger screen," the touch-response is "miles better" (it registers almost instantly) than earlier iterations, and the warm color is " eyes" context="body" sid=""/]." Shoppers across the board agree the 11th Gen Paperwhite is "a big leap forward" and "the best one yet."

One reviewer who said their eyesight is not what it used to be felt like "a miracle happened" when their Kindle was delivered, and others emphasized the benefits of being able to adjust the font size, line spacing, screen brightness, and light warmth, saying these features "significantly improve… eye comfort" and are especially "great for older eyes."

Whether you have vision issues that make reading a good ol' paperback hard or you just want a lightweight e-reader that's easy on the eyes, reviewers across the board agree this is the best Kindle Paperwhite yet. And with plenty of beach reads ahead of you this summer, Prime Day's low price of $95 is too good of a deal to pass up.

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