This Top-Selling Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Eliminates 99% of Contaminants and Makes Water 'Taste Fantastic'

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Clean drinking water is one of the basic tenets of public health, but we can't always trust what comes out of the tap. Whether you have funky-tasting water or are concerned about contaminants like pesticides or heavy metals, an under-the-sink reverse osmosis water filter can provide healthier, cleaner, tastier water. And right now, you can snag the top-rated reverse osmosis water filter, the Apec Water Systems Roes-50 Essence Series, for 23% off during Amazon's early access Prime Day sale.

The process used by reverse osmosis filters effectively eliminates organisms that cause disease (bacteria and parasites) and most chemicals, like heavy metals and pesticides, Mia Syn, MS, RDN, a registered dietitian based in Charleston, South Carolina, previously told Health.

The Apec Water Systems filter is Health's pick for best reverse osmosis water filter and Amazon's number one best-seller in the under-sink and countertop filtration category. Equipped with five long-lasting filters to remove 99% of contaminants, the system uses reverse pressure to push water back up through filters that trap contaminants and let purified water flow through. The first step removes dust and larger particles; the second and third filter chlorine and chemicals; the fourth stage eliminates heavy metals, viruses, and finer pollutants; and the final step provides polishing purification.

APEC Water Systems ROES-50 Essence Series Top Tier 5-Stage Certified

To buy: Apec Water Systems Roes-50 Essence Series, from $200 (was $260);

The system includes a 4-gallon storage tank (that also goes under the sink) and a brushed nickel faucet attachment so you can access your filtered water easily. It also comes with all the hardware you need to install it: a drain saddle, a versatile feed adapter, food-grade tubing, a tank ball valve, and housing wrenches. All you have to do is connect the pre-installed tubing directly to the system and mount your new sink faucet. The manufacturer provides detailed instructions and DIY videos you can follow for easy installation.

The Apec Water Systems Roes-50 Essence Series is certified by the Water Quality Association, an organization that verifies the structural integrity, parts safety, and that the contaminant rejection performs properly. Plus, it's earned more than 5,000 five-star ratings from Amazon customers that also vouch for its quality. A reviewer who tested their well water before and after installing the system said it removed uranium, radon, radium 226, and other contaminants "well below levels of concern" and it was "very easy to install."

A shopper who had ″horrible″ tap water and bought bottled water for nine years before installing the Apec reverse osmosis filter said, "this is far and away one of the best purchases I've made for our home." Not only does their water "taste fantastic," but their family now "easily saves $1,000 a year." Another user said their water had a "brown tinge" and a "metallic and chemical taste," so they decided to try this reverse osmosis system. After two years they call the Apec the "best investment for my health and for giving me peace of mind for what goes into my body," and they've only had to replace their filters once a year. A reviewer who got this system for their office break room agrees, saying that the filters last a long time and are very high quality, so the price is "quite reasonable."

Many reviewers also love the water pressure they get with the Apec reverse osmosis filter. A shopper who used three different filtration systems before switching to the Apec said they were able to fill a 20-ounce water bottle in about 10 seconds⁠—and "the water tastes fantastic!" They added that this system was also the easiest to install.

If the rave reviews aren't enough to convince you to invest in an Apec Water Systems Reverse Osmosis Filter System, this Amazon Prime Day early sale price should do the trick. Whether you're looking for better-tasting drinking water at home or cleaner, healthier water for you and your family, $200 is a steal for something so important to your health.

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