Wellness Warriors

The women featured here are the inventors, innovators, and inspirations revolutionizing the health and wellness industry as we know it.

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Whole30 Cofounder Melissa Urban On How a Better Relationship With Food Can Improve Mental Health

The cofounder of the Whole30 plan is expanding the conversation to include the importance of mental health and the transformational power of movement.
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This Cancer Survivor Really Wants You to Eat Your Greens—So She Created a Supplement

The founder of 8Greens—an effervescent tablet made up of concentrated superfoods—talks about the value of finding what works for you.
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Saalt Menstrual Cup Cofounders Think Global Period Care Can Change The World

These sisters-in-law cofounded Saalt, a menstrual-cup start-up that aims to elevate period care. Here, they talk inspiration, giving back, and the value of self-care.
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How Years of IBS Inspired This Woman to Go Into the Juice Business

Doctors told her she'd just have to deal with her symptoms. Then she tweaked her diet and started making juices, and her stomach issues disappeared.
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How This Former Ballerina Is Revolutionizing Home Workouts

She developed a full-body mirror that streams fitness classes. Yeah, it's kind of mind-blowing.
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The Warrior Toolkit

The Best Captain Marvel-Inspired Gear to Release Your Inner Warrior

From athleisure leggings to skincare serum, here's the gear that will help you harness your inner #WellnessWarrior.
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