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The women featured here are the inventors, innovators, and inspirations revolutionizing the health and wellness industry as we know it.

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‘Femtech’ Is Busting Taboos Around Women’s Health and Wellness—But What Is It Exactly?

Female-led startups are disrupting the wellness space, using technology to make health care more accessible, and broadening conversations on topics from periods to pregnancy to menopause. Meet the women who are leading the way.

TikTok Star Tabitha Brown On the Importance of Being a Black Woman in the Wellness Space

She’s a vegan foodie and a social media superstar, but it’s her sunny outlook and positive-vibe sharing that make her feel like a friend. Brown is changing the way her followers think about food (and life!), one recipe at a time. 

4 Women on How They're Fighting the Coronavirus Pandemic on the Frontlines

When much of the country went into isolation, these women stepped up to fight COVID-19 in unique and powerful ways—and they say they won’t stop until we beat this thing.

10 Wellness Warriors on the Frontlines of Black Lives Matter

These 10 women are using their platforms to fight racial inequality and stand up for equal rights in the health and wellness space.

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The Best Captain Marvel-Inspired Gear to Release Your Inner Warrior

From athleisure leggings to skincare serum, here's the gear that will help you harness your inner #WellnessWarrior.

How Your Gut Affects Your Mood, According to a Doctor

The psychiatrist, author of Eat Complete, and Health Advisory Board member aims to connect the dots between food and our mental well-being.