Here's what she told us about weight loss and happiness.


Bikini season is fast approaching, and we are loving one before-and-after photo with an important message about adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Last month, Carli Jay shared two different photos of herself at the beach. The photo on the right shows Jay after she lost half of her body weight. She started at 280 pounds in February 2014. Four years later, she now weighs in at 140—but makes a point to say she’s still the same person inside.

“[I’ve] always been happy - now just living healthier, fitter and stronger in more ways than one - at half the size!” the Australian fitness influencer wrote, “and the best bit this is not over yet - [it’s] a lifestyle with a never ending finishing line of where I [wanna] go with it! Be the best you, you can possibly be, in your [lifetime]!”

She also makes it clear that in her opinion, every body is a bikini body, no matter the size.

"My biggest piece of advice is that bikini season is for everyone!" she tells Health. "You need to own it no matter what size or shape you are. I rocked a bikini at 280 pounds on the beach because this girl wanted a tan—and no one was going to stop me!"

Jay’s Instagram page shows gym selfies, workout videos, beach photos, and side-by-side transformation posts. She puts it all out there to motivate people to achieve their wellness goals in a healthy, positive way.

"If there are things that you are insecure about or want to change or improve about your body, do it for the right reasons," she says. "Do it for your health, not because you are hating on yourself!"

Jay often posts about her gimmick-free weight loss success, and how she launched her journey by adjusting her eating habits and heading to the gym. She also offers nutrition and fitness tips on her YouTube channel, Miss Carli Jay Healthy Living.