This Woman Celebrated Her 135-Pound Weight Loss by Posing in the Same Dress Two Years Later

Making these four food changes helped transform her body.

"Same dress, 135 pound difference." That's how 24-year-old Laura Morgan began the caption of a dramatic before-and-after selfie she posted this week. The side-by-side photos reveal just how much her body has changed since she launched her weight loss journey two years ago.

“When you look at these pictures, you see a win because overall, you get through the hard times, you get through the struggles and you become stronger and it pushes you towards success,” she continued. “I’m grateful for every single up and down of this journey…”

How did she get healthy and fit? It all started with 4 simple food-related moves, Morgan tells Health.

“I slowly cut down fast food and learned to cook, and I focused on portion sizes and eating nutritious food,” she says. “Once I felt I had a handle on my eating, I worked on incorporating working out. Working out at 378 [pounds] was simply walking … Running into things full force like I had in the past only set me up to be overwhelmed and quit, so I knew this time I’d do it differently.”

Soon after, Morgan started hitting up a gym. She would go once per week, gradually increasing the time she spent there. Now she works out five to six days per week and focuses on weightlifting and strength training.

Morgan decided to document her story after finding it hard to relate to the weight loss journeys of other influencers. “I was desperately looking for someone who I could connect with,” she says. “Someone who started at a weight as high as mine, who lost the weight with just diet and exercise, and who shared their journey from early on, rather than just once they were nearly to their goal.”

Since detailing her experience via Instagram, Morgan says she’s found a “fantastic” online community that motivates her. “If I can leave a positive impact on this community and give hope to someone who may be feeling a bit lost and hopeless like I was, then it’s all been worth it,” she says.

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