"This skin is a battle scar."

By Blake Bakkila
April 11, 2018

Losing weight doesn’t mean the end of random comments about your looks and so-called body flaws. That's something Brittany May has learned. After this health Instagrammer dropped an astonishing 326 pounds, she found herself constantly fielding questions about her loose skin.

To address her own feelings about her loose skin, May recently shared an emotional before-and-after post showing how her body and her mentality has changed. Calling it a “vulnerable post,” she put her feelings out there.

“I get asked about loose skin all the time,” May, who runs the Instagram account @miss_itty_britty, captioning a side-by-side image of her transformation. “Of course I have loose skin!”

May has more than 30,000 people following her weight loss journey, and she said her loose skin is “all part of the process.” Rather than comparing herself to others or feeling discouraged, she’s viewing her skin positively and embracing her goal to be the best version of herself.

“This skin is a battle scar of a life now being lived to its fullest,” she wrote. “It’s a reminder of how far I’ve come as well as a push to keep going. I’m not going for 'hot' or even skinny. I’m going for healthy … I’ll take this loose skin as trade for being the best teacher, daughter, girlfriend, coach, friend, and overall person I can be. Let the flab be free!”

Losing a significant amount of weight often leaves people with excess skin, and many decide to go under the knife to remove it. Whether or not May chooses surgery, her decision to reflect and appreciate her body is as inspiring as her motivation to adopt a healthier lifestyle.