You must see this inspiring before and after post.

By Blake Bakkila
Updated March 05, 2021

In so many #TransformationTuesday posts, people who have lost weight model their old clothes to show how many pounds they've dropped. But in a body-positive twist we're cheering on, fitness influencer Jovana Borojevic did the exact opposite.

In one of her latest Instagram posts, Borojevic put on an old workout tee to celebrate her weight gain. Calling the post her “backwards edition,” she shared how much her life has changed (and improved) since she began watching the number on the scale go up, not down.

In both the before and after images, she had on the same red top and black leggings. “So I’ve gained weight,” she wrote. “Also, I’m really HAPPY and I am not beating myself up! Since my lowest, I’ve gone through a number of life events, both positive and negative, that have tested my dedication and willpower.”

Borojevic explained that she found herself eating foods she didn’t like and feeling unhappy, all in an effort to maintain her weight. Then she “let loose,” as she put it, and began loving the way her body looked when she was no longer restricting her diet.

“Here I am again to stress to you that I don’t have it all figured out,” she continued. “I am human, like you, and I slip up, like you! … I have a goal of building back a healthier relationship with food, finding a healthy balance, and keeping my binges under control.”

As Borojevic’s body-positive "backwards" post reveals, your weight does not indicate whether you are healthy or unhealthy, and losing pounds shouldn't be accompanied by lethargy and unhappiness. It’s important to focus less on the number, and more about feeling good—both physically and mentally.