Abs-olutely inspiring.

By Blake Bakkila
May 31, 2018

Like so many women, fitness influencer Siobhan O’Hagan, 29, has seen her weight go up and down as she cycled between dieting and training. But instead of bemoaning the weight fluctuation, she decided to make a much more optimistic point about the dangers of thinking that having cut, toned abs is synonymous with being happy.

“I’ve been so many different shapes and sizes and I can tell you - abs are not the key to happiness,” O'Hagan captioned a post she put on Instagram on Monday, along with four images of her midsection over the years. “It’s down to having an attitude to training and nutrition that allows you to enjoy your life while feeling your best.”

O’Hagan admitted that previously, she celebrated losing “loads” of weight, and at other moments, she felt great while training for a bikini competition. Her happiness was the same no matter how her abs looked—an important point in a world where rock-hard abs are a beauty standard most of us can't achieve.

She also calls out the first photo, taken before she began dieting and strength training. “I just wasn’t enjoying my life or my training or anything (I think you can tell by my face),” she wrote. "It takes a lot of hard work and will power to change your body dramatically and now I’ve done it [and] I’m like meh I’m happy up here.’”

Her more intuitive approach to living is aspirational, and she is totally fine with not being “shredded.”