She gained weight—and also a healthier, happier life, as she shares below.

By Blake Bakkila
Updated January 27, 2021

Not long ago, 22-year-old Lucia López weighed in at 112 pounds. López, who lives in Spain, was suffering from orthorexia, an eating disorder characterized by a fixation with healthy eating. She was also obsessive about her workouts and devoted herself to cardio.

But two years ago, after realizing her lifestyle was unhealthy and self-destructive, she bravely made some changes. She now weighs in at 130—and she has seen both her body and mindset change for the better. On Wednesday, López took to Instagram to share how her daily routine has evolved.

“Me before:

  • doing tons of cardio
  • thinks carbs are bad
  • thinks weights will make you look manly/bulky
  • doesn’t eat enough protein - changes her routine every week
  • does 8 minute Abs routines
  • underweight.”

“Me after:

  • lifts heavy + ocasional cardio that I enjoy (walking, cycling...)
  • enjoys food and carbs and pizzas
  • knows weights will help enhance curves
  • hits her macros
  • consistent and planned training plan
  • healthy weight.”

López tells Health that her new diet and exercise plan reflects her recovery from her eating disorder. “I went through orthorexia a couple of years ago and basically I believed everything I read online about exercise,” she wrote in her post, referencing headlines that promise abs in less than 10 minutes and other incredible fitness results.

“Now I’m completely recovered, and after studying personal training, I want to help people develop a healthy mindset towards eating and exercising,” she shares.

Lopez adds that she now allows herself to indulge in pizza and ice cream every once in a while, and that she hopes to motivate young girls to be body positive and embrace feeling good and being strong—not underweight and obsessed with food and fitness, as she once was.

“They can love their bodies while also enjoying food and exercising in a healthy way!” she says.