I’m baaaaack! With a thud. To say that I’m tired would be a profound understatement.

Updated January 27, 2021

By Dawn

Im baaaaack! With a thud. To say that Im tired would be a profound understatement. The prior week was whirlwind, but I feel that we put on a great event, and I am soooo happy to be on the other side of executing it.

But lest I become too happy about being home, I have to now kick things into gear for a second week-long trip that Ive got to take next week. Different wardrobe to be packed, a weeks worth of work to get done, and, oh yeah, that weight loss thing Im trying to do, all before Im on a plane to St. Louis on Sunday.

Now, Im also on a treadmill in my head, trying to catch up to the fitness regimen that I started a week ago but have barely kicked off. Since I didnt get home from New Orleans until Tuesday, and I had to jump right into work on Wednesday, Im finding it hard to catch my breath and rev up my stamina to get on track.

I woke up at 5:30 a.m. on Friday to fit in my first workout with my trainer before work. This will be the only workout I can have with her before Im on a plane Sunday morning, so theres no way I can bail. Despite being kind and sweet, its clear that Tehera (my trainer) is on a mission to kill me.

I stretch, lift weights, and do squats and lunges BEFORE I do a “brisk walk” (I call it running) on the treadmill. I try to focus on the completion of each circuit, rather than the length of the hour-long torture session. Its clear that Ive got a long way to go and lot to do before any of this gets easier—but the journey of a thousand years begins with a single step (or something like that), right?

Im determined to do all that is asked of me and I feel a sense of satisfaction when Tehera can nod her head to indicate that a task has been successfully completed. I havent looked for this much approval and reward since I sought out those gold stars in grade school, but when they come, they feel just as good to me now as they did back then.

Tehera and I discuss how Ill again try to fit in fitness while traveling. And I again stress how Ill be losing time with her while Im on the road. But we agree that well do double-duty when Im back. I dont look forward to this (especially since I realize that even my fingers ache as I type after this mornings workout), but I commit because I dont want to lose momentum and I want to see results. Fingers crossed….