Sometimes my workouts exhaust me...but it's worth it.

Updated June 02, 2013

By Sarah

Yesterday I did a "brick" for the first time. A brick is a component of triathlon training that involves practicing two disciplines in one workout, with almost no break between, so it simulates a portion of a real race. I rode my bike for 10 miles and then quickly locked it up and set off on a three mile run. It was much harder than I'd anticipated. I thought I'd just be regular-old tired, but there was also a problem of my legs being slow to switch from biking motion to running motion. They felt rubbery and awkward for the first mile or so. And afterward I WAS regular-old tired...and every other kind of tired as well. I still haven't gotten to the point where I actually enjoy exercising like this (I think endorphins might be made up) but I do like the calm, exhausted feeling when I finish. And I like the sense of accomplishment, of course.

Speaking of accomplishment, I had a great workout with my trainer Michael this morning. I'm glad, too, because my session last Thursday was a rough one for me—maybe the worst workout I've had, including my very first one. I had low energy and was unfocused and unbalanced. I literally kept tipping over! And I had a really hard time with the new exercises we tried. It was so discouraging—I wonder what caused it? I wasn't feeling particularly stressed or tired, and I hadn't eaten anything funny. Who knows? Maybe my body was angry about something.

I definitely think I should work on getting more sleep, though—that's a goal for this week.