Sure, I'm taking small steps toward getting healthy—but they all add up.

Updated June 02, 2013

By Dawn

Life for me has become a series of numbers. Scheduling and clocking in workouts. Fitting in appropriate meal times. Measuring ingredients for smoothies. Gauging portion sizes. The number of exercises in a circuit and the number of reps of an exercise. Heck—I even count the number of stairs Ive got to climb to get out of the pit in the gym (20), to get to the front door of the gym (4) and to leave the bowels of the subway-level gym to reach the street (24). Since I don't weigh or measure myself between weigh-ins, I spare myself from confronting THOSE numbers until I absolutely have to. Never mind that its budget season at work, so Im deep into crunching numbers there as well. Youd think Id be able to balance my checkbook better.

Aside from this massive change to my lifestyle, Im dealing with the home and gym exercises well, if I say so myself. Its still hard. I sweat a lot. I spend a fortune on my hair and nails, only to have them wrecked by the rigors of my new routine. But I try to keep my eyes on the prize. I have had no real breakthroughs this week, but I can tell that Im not quite where I started, and theres something to be said for that.