Just when everything is going smoothly, my back intervenes.


By Julie

What an emotional week this has been for me. There was a positive start, especially with the third photo shoot. I am seeing some real results on camera and that was very motivating for me. Also, my body fat composition was down two percent, which was awesome, especially since my weigh-in with Marissa didn't show the results I was hoping to see. I need to glom onto her theory that as long as the numbers are going in the downward direction, we are making good progress! Still, as we reviewed my food logs we realized I'm still a bit high in the carb-area, so one of my goals for the next month is to reallocate some of my snack calories. I think I've gotten into the habit of having a (too large) snack whether I'm hungry or not, and I need to pay more attention to my hunger and cravings.

I was able to get my two runs in early in the week, before my sessions with Justo. In those meetings, he's pushed the interval training up with something called "active rest". So in between my shuffling intervals I get to do something fun—like push-ups. But it was a good thing I got my cardio in because toward the end of our last session I moved the wrong way, felt The Twinge, and there went my back—again. I've never before had two episodes so close together, so I can assume I am pr
obably more prone to injury now and that we'll need to make a change in the program. But in the meantime, I'm sidelined for a few days and the pain is debilitating. I've also noticed the urge to "graze" since I'm not very mobile... somehow when my body is stressed the signals to eat come on strong and it is hard to redirect.

So for when I AM back in commission (and I hope it's in just a few days), Justo gave me a new cardio program to follow outside of our sessions. I need to step up the number of days from two to at least three—which means I will need to start planning my days more carefully. Even though we have a few months left on the program, I want to see bigger results on the scale—and it's totally up to me to make it happen. I only hope I can get back to functional in just a few days' time.