One thing is for sure: The honeymoon is over

Updated May 09, 2013

Ive made it through Week 2 of Health's Get Slim in September challenge, and one thing is for sure: The honeymoon is over. Long gone is the excitement and enthusiasm that I started with and kept steady through most of Week 1. Bottom line: Im hungry! And thats even with an additional daily snack. And truth be told, I ended up trading one of my daily snacks for a very, very light homemade mocha. (I mixed half a packet of hot chocolate with a little less than half a cup of skim milk.) After drinking my fake mocha, I realized that I should probably stick with a food-based snack, because all those sugar calories didnt keep me very full!

Before starting the plan, I was exercising about four times a week. Now Im doing an extra workout. I was never this hungry before I started the diet! As it turns out, the beginning of this past week was a little less chaotic than the previous week; then again, maybe having more distractions would have helped me. To keep my mind off indulging, I was sure to avoid all topics pertaining to food, snacks, wine, and coffee on my blog, Complaining aside, I am still enjoying the meals and snacks in the meal plan, and it does feel nice to eat such fresh food and feel surprisingly more energetic.

By the end of the week, things got really busy, and with the distractions, I stopped obsessing about being hungry. Instead, I started thinking about back-to-school prep for my daughter, whos entering second grade, and my son, whos entering kindergarten. With now-packed schedules (pick-ups, playdates, and sports), I started to forget my hunger—although at times I did wonder which parents at school would taste the best with BBQ sauce added to them. (I kid, kind of…!)

For date night, and with all my might, I skipped a snack so my husband and I could go to a wine bar. I very much enjoyed a glass of wine! From there we passed up a dinner out and instead headed home to reheat some wallet-friendly leftovers from the meal plan. As the self-designated family accountant, I am always more than happy when we save money.

After a long week, I was so curious what the scale would say. Guess what?! I lost another 3 pounds! Thats enough to motivate me as I head into my third week on the diet. Knowing that Im halfway there is also a huge motivation, but Ive got some challenges coming my way: a friends 40th birthday celebration one night and a concert another night. Only time will tell if I can be faithful to the meal plan—and not think about eating any party guests or concert-goers!