Does Dawn + Disney World = diet disaster? No way.

By Dawn

I start the week feeling a bit overwhelmed. Theres a funeral to attend, the final class of a course Ive been taking (because I didnt have enough to do) to go to, a business trip to take at weeks end, and two presentations to work on before I leave town. And, oh yeah, Ive got to get my workouts in as well. Whew! Im sure my cortisol levels are at a record high as a result of the stress, which I seem to be carrying completely in my lower back. How to get through it all without veering off into the emotional eating that I tend to do at times like these?

For one, I attend the funeral, but I dont go to the repast afterward, where I know plates of food and dessert will be shoved at me from all directions and offense will be taken if I dont partake. Then, I decide to ask others to help with the presentations and—surprisingly—have lots of eager takers. Next, I dig in and get those three days of gym time in. Turns out they have to be consecutive, thanks to my tight schedule, but Tehera and I make them happen, and I give myself a gold star for not using the stress of the week as an excuse not to go. I make it through my last class, exhausted but happy that I completed my goal of becoming more literate in social media (the topic of the course). And then, there's the trip.

Did I mention that it includes checking out a food and wine festival thats going on at Disney World? Why does God tempt me so? I have a job in which its my duty to walk around EPCOT sampling food and wines from around the world. But I dont do too badly. I keep Marissa in my head (“Eat small portions”) and my samplings to, well, samplings. I skip the wines altogether, but dont miss them (although the slurpy margarita I indulge in likely makes up for it calorie-wise). And I walk and walk and walk around the theme parks throughout the weekend. What I dont walk off, Im hoping that I sweat off, because it's pretty warm. I even let some bare arms and legs show, which is something I never usually do. But with all the healthy work I've done, I actually feel proud of the changes in my body, and I accept that Im a work in progress. So if someone doesnt like what they see in my direction, they can just look the other way, ‘cause Im letting some of it hang out for once! I know Ill have to put in some extra workout time next week, but Ill do it, with the added incentive that Im working toward having a body I'll be happy to let shine wherever I might be. Imagine that.