My life sure could use some right about now.

Updated June 02, 2013

By Sarah

Do you find that order in one part of your life spreads to all the other parts? I do. If I've got a tidy calendar, a stocked fridge, and a clean house, I find I also wake up earlier, floss my teeth every night, eat responsibly, and get more done at work.

I'm in dire need of some order. Last night I slept on my bare mattress next to my heap of clean laundry. I woke up too late to go to the gym, I didn't wash my hair, I made dinner plans I didn't really have time for, and I improvised a huge pot of something that can only be described as Vaguely Chinese Vegetables and Tofu with Overcooked Brown Rice. So that will be my lunch for the next eight days. I have to go to a show every night after work and have no idea what I'll eat for dinner. I'm behind at work, my desk is a mess, and I'm going in late tomorrow because I'm apartment hunting. I have not set myself up for a successful week. Wish me luck.