A surprising dose of confidence when all eyes are on me.

By Dawn

I complete yet another whirlwind week on the job, and I. Am. Tired. The week begins with a gala luncheon celebrating my magazines anniversary, and ends with me in DC for the weekend, participating in a soiree hosted by the magazine and moderating a roundtable for a future article.

I handle both the gala and soiree with ease. But the roundtable is a bit more challenging.

See, I hate having my picture taken. Not only have I always been shy, but Im also well aware of the weight the camera adds (in addition, of course, to the real weight I already carry). What's more, I don't feel I have anything nice to wear. What to do? The day I arrive, I trek to the local mall to see if I can find a blouse to my liking. But I already know my selections will be limited, since I have to shop where they carry my size. I find myself swearing that Im going to do all that I can to make it so I never have to utter that depressing phrase, "limited selections," ever again. Im working on it!

I actually do find a nice ensemble in my size, which—wait for it—turns out to be a whole size smaller than what I'm used to wearing! So naturally I treat myself to a pair of smaller-sized pants as well. While I still can't really see a difference, I do know that slight changes are occurring.

That's encouraging, and I will go to the upcoming photo shoot with renewed confidence. Im not as small as Id like to be, but Im at least one size smaller than I used to be—and that will have to do for the moment.