By Fatou Kine Dieye
September 04, 2001

Alright, lets be honest: I need a swift kick in the pants. I reread my blog from last week and realized that I didnt take responsibility for any of the poor decisions I made. Not good! I constantly referred to the outside influences that “made” me stray from my diet. Im the one making the decisions; I cant be so susceptible or make so many excuses.

Food is my number one issue and Ive got to get a backbone so as not to compromise my progress. Too bad I didnt have this epiphany earlier in the week, because when it came to my diet over the last few days, I made the same mistakes! Granted, there were some extenuating circumstances (I know, I know, that sounds like the same song and dance, but hear me out).

I started the week off well (definitely less stressed at work) but then went in for a root canal on Tuesday, at which point the endodontist told me to leave my diet behind and only eat soup and ice cream. I didnt take him up on the ice cream, but I did indulge in some yummy cream-based soups (a definite no-no), which I slurped down with my antibiotics. Something about that combination didnt seem to work, though, and two days later I was covered in a rash and had a face the size of a large helium balloon! Not fun, to say the least.

Although I managed to work out on Wednesday and Thursday, by Friday I was so uncomfortable (not to mention freakish looking—I went to the gym wearing large sunglasses and a scarf) that I had to call it quits and make plans to visit the doctor. Verdict: I was allergic to the meds! Who knew? Conclusion: This was a total pain and the perfect excuse to not keep up with the food regimen as well as I needed to this week.

So at this point, Im kind of disgusted with myself. I always seem to have some kind of drama or mood swing thing going on that keeps me from staying on the right track. I know that I tend to get loopy for about 10 days prior to my menstrual cycle but I have to learn how to stay strong.

During the first month I was so caught up in the fun of a new routine that I stayed the course. But the nutritionist was right, after 9 weeks of eating the same multigrain wraps, I am beyond bored. Maybe thats why I am cheating on my diet, to make things more exciting. I wouldnt be surprised. It sounds just crazy enough to be something I would do.

Well, I dont want to end on a sour note. I bought a new bike helmet last week (people kept telling me that the one I had was too small, and besides being unsafe, looked pretty darned ridiculous). I walked into the store and told the salesperson that “I have a big head and even bigger hair” and was in need of an upgrade in the helmet department. He smiled and introduced me to the TRITON (I was really offended at first because I thought he said TITAN) and for $44.95 plus tax, I was back on the road feeling a lot safer and definitely a little more hip.