It's one of her secrets for always looking so fit and red-carpet fab.

By Rozalynn S. Frazier
Updated June 09, 2015
Credit: Getty Images

It was a star-studded event at the Tony Awards Sunday night, and not just because of the A-listers in attendance…or those gorgeous gowns they were sporting: All of those amazingly-toned bodies were also a huge highlight. Our favorite frame of the night? Good old Jenny from the Block. Seriously, it doesn’t get any better than Jennifer Lopez when it comes to looking fashionable and fit.

We can't help you with her stunning dress, but we can offer you one of J.Lo’s real-life must-do core moves, courtesy of her trainer—and Health’s contributing fitness editor—Tracy Anderson. Add it to your workout routine to help you score your own set of red-carpet-ready abs.

Get Jennifer Lopez's Out-of-Sight Abs

The move: Attitude Lift and Crunch with Reach

Why it's so great: "It hits the deep-set ab muscles that serve as your flat-belly girdle," Anderson says.

How to do it: Lie face up with knees bent, right arm extended overhead, and a 3-pound weight in right hand. Rest left hand on back of head (A). Crunch up; lift left leg. Crunch up more; bring right hand and left leg toward each other (B). Lower torso; tap left toes to floor. This is 1 rep. Do 30 reps; rest for 30 to 60 seconds. Switch sides and repeat. Do it six days a week for rock-hard results.