By Alanna Campbell
September 04, 2001

Ive got week 2 under my belt and I have to say that while I had a couple of slip-ups, I think things went well overall. Early in the week, I had to travel for my job. I remembered to bring snacks with me to the airport and managed to eat pretty well during the two days I was gone.

Once the weekend arrived, I went out for a friends 30th birthday on Saturday night, and she had a few of us over beforehand for a little wine and cheese. The good news: I had eaten really well all week, so I felt like I had a little wiggle room for a good cheesy snack.

The bad news: I cant even tell you how much whole wheat baguette and brie I inhaled before it occurred to me that this isnt the way I approach eating anymore. I scaled back and tried to choose a little more wisely for the rest of the evening. (There were cherries, too, so at least I had an alternative snack). After having two glasses of wine at my friends, I didnt even drink when we ventured out for the party. I know this is going to be a give and take (read: I think its unrealistic to entirely cut out something like alcohol), so again, it all comes back to finding a balance.

In the past week, Ive had a surprising number of people—at least four—ask me if I was losing weight. Each time, I shrugged and said, “Yeah, a little bit,” then thanked them and continued on with whatever Id been doing. Maybe to me its not so obvious, but hey, if people are already taking notice after two weeks, Im eager to see what people will be saying in 12 weeks, 20 weeks, etc. One day at a time for now, though!

Finally, the thing I need to work on a little more is getting more sleep. I worked out with my trainer twice, went to an intermediate/advanced Spin class, then finished off the week with a combo of 45 minutes of Spin and 90 minutes (!!) of yoga. I felt great afterward but could barely make it up the stairs of my apartment. Its kinda like noticing how badly food was affecting me last I find Im tired a LOT earlier in the evening. Im nocturnal and usually dont get to sleep before midnight, so thats definitely something I can work on.

I know its a process, and I know Ive got a long road ahead of me, but I feel like Ive been doing a pretty good job of navigating it all these first two weeks, and I look forward to keeping it up. More than anything, I cant wait until I start seeing the changes!