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IstockphotoYou know those women who always order the burger and never gain a pound? Its not all DNA: They have a few smart secret weapons on their side. Time to steal them!

Cute, comfy shoes

Were not talking workout shoes, but everyday shoes that are stylish enough to actually wear to work or out—and so darn cushiony you almost long to take the stairs. We like the Cole Haan Air Miranda Pump and Kenneth Cole New York Silver Trophy sling-backs.

A friend who is hard-core about fitness

If you hang out with a fitness buff—whether shes a gym diehard, Pilates instructor, or league-joiner—the latest get-fit secrets are automatically on your radar. Plus, research shows that we mimic the exercise and nutrition choices of our close friends, so her active lifestyle is sure to rub off on you.

Great knife skills

Its a fact: We eat healthier when we cook at home. And women who know how to slice, dice, and chop are more motivated to use those skills to whip up healthy, vegetable-filled meals like stir-fries and everything-but-the-kitchen-sink salads. You dont need a designer set of cutlery, either. Many professional kitchens use sturdy, inexpensive Dexter-Russell or Forschner knives, and you can do most veggie prep work with just three blades: an 8-inch chefs knife, a paring knife, and a birds-beak peeler. Need to bone up on your skills? Try a class at Sur La Table or Whole Foods.

A local “skinny” restaurant

Women who keep the pounds away know how to eat out without doing in their waistlines. They cultivate go-to joints that grill fresh ingredients and never give attitude when they ask them to hold the butter or put the sauce on the side. Dont have a mom-and-pop spot that is as light as youd like? Try Chipotle or Panera Bread, both in the top 10 of Healths Americas Healthiest Fast Food Restaurants.

The perfect pair of jeans

Slim types dont switch to fat-day clothes as soon as they gain a pound or two. They keep themselves honest by staying in their fitted denim. They know the power of a pair of jeans so flattering that you never want to grow out of them—and just tight enough to make you think twice about grabbing a last slice of pizza. Dont have a pair like that yet? Then, try one of these: The Club by Adriano Goldschmied, Zoe by Lucky Brand, and Tab Watch Pocket by Riders by Lee.