This diet is a cognitive therapy approach to changing the way you think about food, eating, and dieting; it can help you stick to any diet plan.

Basic principles:
Pay attention to what you are thinking about food. Prepare and practice positive responses to negative thoughts. Write down feelings, goals, and reminders to stay committed to them. Plan ahead. Differentiate between hunger and cravings.

How it works:
Choose any diet you want to follow. Then learn one new skill from the Beck plan every day for six weeks until you have changed the way you think about eating.

What you eat:
Follow guidelines proposed in the diet plan you choose.

How much can you lose?
Beck says she lost 15 pounds and has kept it off for more than 20 years. Other success stories in the book include weight losses of 25 and 55 pounds.

Is it healthy?
Sure. As long as you pick a healthy diet plan, thinking positively about dieting shouldn't hurt.

Expert opinion:
"Learning how to correct these distortions, learning how to solve diet- and non-diet-related problems, and learning how to motivate oneself to adopt helpful eating behaviors is what distinguishes Dr. Judith Beck's program from all others," said Aaron T. Beck, MD, the founder of cognitive therapy. But he's also her father.

Try this diet if you:
Have tried a lot of other diets and gained the weight back, eat when you're not truly hungry, have "sabotaging" thoughts about eating.

1-day sample menus:
Depends on the diet plan you choose.