By Fatou Kine Dieye
September 04, 2001

I dont have all that much to report in Week 6. My mood is good, the exercise routine is coming along, and I seem to be making progress on most fronts. A rendezvous with the nutritionist revealed that I cannot keep eating the same things or Ill never be able to commit to this routine long term; and worse yet, that I may not see the results that I want to see over the course of this experiment.

The reality check was hard to hear but good too, because it has forced me to invest as much effort into what Im eating as I do in getting to the gym and completing my workouts. That concept is definitely something new to me. Up until now, I guess I didnt really internalize the fact that good nutrition takes a lot of commitment and energy. I still cant understand how eating, which is something that most of us could do in our sleep, is such a complicated endeavor. But I am guessing that is how I put on the weight in the first place, not realizing that I need to invest time into taking care of my body inside as well as out.