From Health magazine
Here, slimming tips that worked for Health readers like you.

Step off the scale
“Dont weigh yourself every day! My weight always fluctuates, and this used to shatter my motivation. I currently weigh in just once a week on Fridays...before weekend damage sets in.” —Aimee Beardsley, Santa Monica, Calif.

Hit the books
“I spent hours in the local Barnes & Noble, at the library, and online looking up everything from weight-loss exercises to the actual chemistry of the body. It was like the blinders were taken off. Now I finally understand how my body works—its kept me motivated.” —Emily Walters, Houston

Get saucey
“Substitute vegetables (like asparagus, broccoli, and cauliflower) instead of pasta in dishes, and have just veggies with the sauce. It fills you up for way fewer calories and adds more fiber to your diet—and you still get to enjoy the sauce.” — Jenny Yonally Smith, Alexandria, Va.

Keep it fresh
“I try to only buy groceries that are on the sides of the supermarket. I learned this in a foods-and-nutrition class, and it really works. All your produce, fresh meats, dairy, etc., are pretty much always on the outer aisles of the store. I only go to the middle ones for what I absolutely need.” — Tiffany Owen, Tempe, Ariz.

Wear tight clothes
“Wear form-fitting clothing (like tight jeans) when you dine out. Ive found that its a constant reminder of your weight-loss goals.” — Tina Haupert, Boston, Mass.

Drink plenty
“Make water your best friend; it keeps you full and gives you flawless skin.” — Jessica Fox, Chicago