By Alanna Campbell
Updated September 04, 2001

So after falling off the wagon last week, I wanted to focus this week on putting myself back together. Last week, I ate pretty poorly; I wanted to refocus on my meals and make sure I was eating a balanced amount of everything and not overdoing anything that might fall into the “Alanna, why on earth are you eating THAT??” category.

Last week, I worked out six times in five days; I figured five workouts would be my minimum this week. But as happens many times in life, didnt exactly go according to plan.

First of all, I think its fair to say my job takes up an incredible amount of my time these days. I actually didnt have to travel this week, so I got to stay at home in my own bed, but my schedule still revolved around me working through the weekend. I had a couple of extra things happening at the beginning of the week, so the rest of the week seemed frenzied.

For whatever reason (missing a volleyball game because of work, getting home late, attempting to get enough sleep, sheer exhaustion, etc), I ended up working out only three times, and gave up even thinking of going to the gym by Friday. In hindsight, though, I can see it was the one thing I truly needed to keep any semblance of balance in my week, and I dont intend to bag it again going forward.

One of the most appealing things about my job is that no two games, or teams, or stories are ever the same. Watching a game is the purest form of reality television: Depending on who youre rooting for, youve got your heroes and your antagonists. Also, you have no idea how its going to begin—and an even fainter idea of how its going to end.

Incidentally, lifes the same exact way. Apply it to a day, a week, a relationship, a new job; it holds true in just about any situation. The one thing I can control in my own life is what I choose to serve as the constants, and those are decisions that only I can make.

I know this process is an evolution—and I still dont have it down. And no matter how simple you think things should be, they never are. I know Ive said nineteen times that I just need to make (say it with me!) the right decision an overwhelming majority of the time. I realize that Im in control of this whole thing. But I have to constantly be in control of it. That means everything from not stopping to buy frozen yogurt on my way home to not letting my friends convince me that a burger wouldnt be so bad (especially if they dont know about the frozen yogurt!).

So if I eat well and take care of myself and work out and get enough sleep, no matter how crazy life gets or work gets, Im still taking care of myself. Because thats what matters most. No more excuses.