Since finding my Feel Great Weight nearly 6 years ago, maintaining it has gotten easier and easier each day. Still, it's not all rainbows and butterflies when it comes to my weight. I love to eat, so sometimes it's easy for me to fall off the wagon with my healthy eating and exercise regimen.

Getting off track is never enjoyable, but usually I just need to take a step back and refocus. What works for me is a little inspiration, some positive thinking, and strengthened self-discipline. Here are some easy tactics that help me stick to my healthy habits and keep me at my Feel Great Weight.

Read a healthy living or fitness blog
When I'd rather eat nachos for dinner than have a healthy meal, I read some of my favorite blogs, like Healthy Tipping Point and The Fitnessista, for inspiration. I almost always find a recipe or a few words of advice that make me want to change my thoughts about binging. Similarly, sending out a message on Twitter to my followers can also help spur some motivation to get myself back on track.


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Visualize who I want to be
When I've fallen off the wagon and start to feel depressed about the decisions that I am making, I think about my healthiest self. Going back to a time when I felt strong, fit, and vivacious always makes me want to strive for it again.

Make a change now
Instead of waiting to start my diet or a new exercise routine on a Monday, I make changes right away. I prepare a healthy meal or throw on my sneakers for a jog around my neighborhood. Even just having a plan of attack helps; scheduling some workouts or planning a few healthy meals enables me to feel more in control and boosts my motivation.

Call a friend
If I'm really struggling to get back on track, I call a friend who is super-motivated and disciplined and make plans to do something with her. Even if we just grab lunch together, chatting with her and hearing about her life makes me want to adopt similar changes in my lifestyle. Her willpower and self-discipline is contagious and always seems to give me the jump start that I need.