"It's FINE if you have some jiggle when you wiggle," she wrote, and we couldn't agree more.


Caleh Cristler, a California-based influencer, has built up a big following by posting photos of her post-baby belly and being refreshingly candid about how her body has changed since having three kids.

But her recent Instagram video of the loose skin on her stomach had a more specific message. Cristler hoped the visual of her moving around her loose belly skin will remind followers about the reality of how birth affects a woman's body, and also make the point that women should never compare their post-pregnancy shape to someone else's.

“Ladies, I originally lost over 75 lbs after my first two babies, then I got my pregnant with my third (2nd caesarean), gained 50 lbs back, and I’ve lost it all again,” she wrote in the caption. “My point? You lose a collective total of around 125 lbs, you’re gonna be left with some excess skin.”

Cristler reminded people to never compare their appearance to hers. “I’ve also got stretch marks because genetics and I’ve also got abs because I workout and eat well,” she said. She later added, “It’s FINE if you have some jiggle when you wiggle. It’s FINE if you choose to have it removed. It’s FINE if you decide to do whatever because it’s YOUR body. What’s NOT fine is letting fear hold you hostage from anything in your life.”

Since posting her belly jiggle photo, Cristler has seen an overwhelming response from followers, and people are thanking her for her transparency. “It’s been really encouraging to see so many women respond positively and share their own experiences,” she tells Health.

Loose skin is a common concern among women after giving birth, and many choose to go under the knife to remove it. Lately, however, influencers are taking to social media to share why they have no plans to do this—it's a personal decision and should be judgement-free.