Follow Chelsea and Colleen as they put the Yes You Can plans to good use. Watch as Chelsea sheds the last of her pregnancy weight, and Colleen tackles her ultimate running goal–a 10K. Check back weekly for their latest updates.

May 09, 2013

Chelsea Gladden
Ten months after delivering twins, Chelsea is still struggling to shed some of her pregnancy pounds; 20, to be exact. “I try to eat healthy, but when youre trying to get kids fed, youre not thinking about what you can eat thats light,” she says. It doesnt help that shes able to show up for work (in a corner “office” at home) wearing loose-fitting PJs or sweats. “I have no energy,” she says. “Im hoping this plan will help me look and feel like my old self again.”

Colleen Leader
When Colleen took up running as a way to lose weight in 2008, she approached it the way she does most things: she set a goal (to eventually run a 5K) and then made a plan to achieve it. Now—three years, 75 lost pounds, and seven 5K races later—she says shes ready to take the next step. “I've always been afraid to move past the 5K,” she says, but with the help of our plan, shes taking it on. And theres added incentive: Colleen agreed to run a local 10K with a group of girlfriends at the end of September. “In this instance, peer pressure is a good thing!” she says.