By Deanna Verbouwens
Updated September 04, 2001

This week was great. I was able to go back to the basics of the plan, get my act together, and focus on my main goal - to get healthy. I am indulging in a veggie challenge with my friend Betsy (the wonderful gal who told me about this program. Thank you Betsy!!) where we exchange a list of veggies that we have to try each week. We are on week three and its going really great – I am trying new veggies like Swiss chard, acorn squash, and turnips. They are delish and are opening me up to so many choices, which is key to a successful weight loss plan.

I killed it in the gym this week (thank goodness for Equinox). I tried the extreme movement class and it was so much fun, but so hard - in a good way though. I love Equinox and my trainer Jessica. It will be really sad when this program is over because that gym is just fabulous and I cant imagine not seeing Jessica two days a week. But, I need to focus on the now, and the fact that together we are making me into a strong woman!

I ended the week with a 5-mile race in New York with Fatou, my other Feel Weight Great Program participant. It was fun to do an activity together. We were bummed that Alanna was traveling for business and hope to all do something together in the near future. On this race I reached a personal best and Im so close to my goal of a running a 10-minute mile.

So close I ran a 10:07 mile! I was stoked. Its nice to see all your hard work pay-off in other ways besides that hunk of metal we call a scale! Nevertheless, Fatou looked great, and I am excited to see both Alanna and Fatou at the photo shoot next week.

Next weeks challenges:

    How about “life” as weekly challenge? Im not sure about you but every week is different and any curve ball can be thrown at you. So, like they say in Girl Scouts: “Always be prepared.”

Weekly Goals

  • Get more sleep: I didnt do too well this week, so I want to focus more on getting a good nights sleep next week.
  • Planning meals: Continue to plan all meals and snacks.
  • Exercise: Cardio for 60 minutes, 6 days a week.