By Kimberly Dawn Neumann
September 07, 2001
AJ Cook with her son, Mekhai
| Credit: Tom Rafalovich

AJ Cook with her son, MekhaiTom Rafalovich From Health magazine
Are you tired of expensive diet plans that require you to buy the book, stock up on supplements, or cook mail-order meals? Are you looking for a healthy way to lose pounds and feel great, without fads or fasting?

Maybe you've got 5, 25, or 50 pounds to lose; maybe you're looking to get your old energy back; maybe you're a new mom* anxious to get back to your pre-baby body. In any case, we've got a FREE, fabulous plan for you.

Its our Feel Great Weight program—a plan to get your body back to its slimmest … and land you in the most phenomenal shape of your life. Feel Great Weight taps the top experts to help you drop up to 2 pounds a week (meaning youll have results by five or six days in), get stronger than ever, and, yes, feel amazing, too.

Over the next five months, we'll be bringing you new ways to improve your body and you're health—and we'll give you updates on one down-to-earth new mom who, oh yeah, happens to be a TV star: AJ Cook from CBSs Criminal Minds. Shes motivated to lose the baby weight she gained during her pregnancy with her beautiful son Mekhai—and determined to tone up, too.

So whats next for you and AJ? Severe diets? Insane workouts? Thankfully, none of that. Instead: a user-friendly weight-loss plan loaded with ultrasatisfying foods (ones that also conveniently burn fat), a kick-butt (but very doable) workout plan, plus support and coaching from a true dream team. Theyre gonna be there for you answering your cravings questions, giving motivation interventions, and more. So lets do it—and lose it for good.

*New-mom modifications: The Feel Great Weight Plan is for anyone who wants to get back to their ideal weight, whether you've packed on extra pounds due to stress, diet and exercise habits, a changing metabolism, or just gradually over time. But we know that new moms have an added challenge—and may need some extra pointers to get them through any weight-loss plan. Look for our new-mom modifications throughout the plan for suggested ways to make this transition time easier. Because you've got enough on your plate already!

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