By Fatou Kin Dieye
September 04, 2001

Vacation! Thats right, I took the week off to enjoy some much needed R&R and to treat myself for hitting the big 2-5 [pounds lost] at our last photo shoot! Yahoo! My travels took me to France – land of my former slim and svelte self. The goal was to see if I could resist the temptation of all of my favorite treats or indulge like mad and say good-bye to good deeds for the week.

To be fair, I decided to split it in two. For the first three days, I wasnt tempted at all, stayed away from all of the pastries and sweet treats (with the exception of a sampling of my favorite butter cookies the first day). I went running and walked at least six miles per day and, all in all, I was feeling pretty positive. Then the jet lag wore off and I decided to let loose: a little wine with dinner here, some mashed potatoes and pork there, a croissant for the road.

I kept up the walking and even completed a grueling strength training exercise in the park. But here I am on my last day, stomach full of things I am no longer used to that I cant digest them! Im feeling very uncomfortable all around. Dont get me wrong, I enjoyed all of the things that I ate (thats a big deal for me because I didnt always used to taste what I put in my mouth) but I was feeding my memories of good times past more than anything.

I was slightly disappointed that I wasnt able to merge my new life goals with my old ones. At the same time, maybe I gave myself some slack because this was the place where I was the happiest with my weight despite all of the lovely treats (Not sure if I buy that though).

As I pack my bags and get ready to head back to New York, Im very much looking forward to getting back to my routine. It made me feel in control and good about myself and I missed that over the last few days. I also think that good food or bad food, too much exercise or too little, my health has been much improved by escaping the daily grind for a week. The weather was beautiful, the air was fabulous, and I was able to trek around the city and use my legs until they wouldnt go anymore (which is a good thing since the current trend here is short skirts, toned legs, and low boots which these legs of mine still arent ready for). All in all, it was a good trip.