The core-tastic photo she recently posted from a vacay in Greece is all the inspiration you need.

By Rozalynn S. Frazier
June 25, 2015

Did you happen to catch Kate Hudson in that barely-there bikini photo she recently posted from her vacay in Greece?

While we admit that the locale is pretty sweet, we are WAY more interested in the Oscar-nominated actress's perfectly taut core. So we did some digging and found out that the 36-year-old attributes her sizzling bod to a few key workouts:

“I do all kinds of stuff. I get really bored, so I’ll do anything, I’ll try anything," the mom of two told E! News. "There’s this thing called Heartcore in London that I love. And so I do that when I am there. And then I do hot yoga a lot in London because when it’s rainy I just want to go somewhere warm. I spin—I love a SoulCycle class. I love to dance. I work out like four times a week,” the Fabletics founder said, while also noting that what she eats also plays a huge role in her knockout physique: "Food plays a big role."

Another sculpting trick that Hudson lives by: trying to stay stress-free. "I really believe that when you are holding onto stress, you body does the same thing and when you start to let all of that go, [the weight] just starts to fall [off]," she told E! News.

We also know that Hudson is a Pilates devotee. In fact, she’s been practicing with her trainer Nicole Stuart for over 15 years. Here’s a move straight from Stuart that will help you tone and tighten you own tummy, Hudson-style.

Sculpt killer abs like Kate Hudson

Trainer: Nicole Stuart

The move: The Criss Cross

Why it’s so great: This exercise, which works the entire midsection but especially the obliques, will always challenge you because it never gets easier, Stuart says.

How to do it: Lying faceup, pull knees into stomach. Place hands behind head and bring elbows and knees to touch, or as close as possible (A). Bring left knee to right elbow, pressing both together as hard as you can, and extend right leg (B). Hold for 3 long counts, then return to "A" and hold. Repeat motion with right knee and left elbow while extending left leg. This is 1 rep. Do 10 reps a day to see a flat, toned belly in as little as a month.