"You can NEVER go wrong with steak!"

Since starting the keto diet more than a year ago, Jenna Jameson has let her fans in on almost every aspect of her keto lifestyle—including her daily diet. But now, the 45-year-old mom of three is opening up about exactly what she eats when she does, arguably, one of the hardest parts of dieting: going to a restaurant.

In a new Instagram post, Jenna revealed her strategy about eating out on keto—something that, at first, she avoided altogether. "When I first began my weight loss journey, I avoided eating out as much as possible," she wrote, captioning a new before-and-after photo of her keto transformation. "I felt if I wasn't making the food, there could be hidden sugars or starches."

Jenna went on to say that she definitely recommends the cooking-at-home route for all dieting newcomers. "I highly recommend cooking your meals if you are in weight loss mode," she wrote. But, now that Jenna's in the "maintenance phase," she said she's eased up a little.

"When I go out to eat with my family here are some of the things I order," Jameson wrote, putting steak at the top of her must-eat list. "You can NEVER go wrong with steak," she wrote. She also shared a few other examples of how she caters to her keto diet while eating out, including swapping veggies for high-carb sides and adding protein into dishes. “Add a sautéed baby broccoli or non starchy veg and you’re golden," she added.

When she's not opting for steak, Jameson said she goes the seafood-route: "Grilled fish is a perfect choice also," she wrote, adding that "Caesar salad (hold the croutons) topped with shrimp is fab."

"I’ve gotten so good at scanning menus for keto friendly dishes it’s now second nature," Jameson said—and clearly, it's working. Overall, Jameson has lost 80 pounds on the keto diet—a milestone she announced last year when she was still less than a year into the diet itself.

Jameson also takes every opportunity she can to thank her Instagram fans for their support throughout her stint on the keto diet: “I also want to let y’all know how much your amazing support means to me," she wrote to her fans in a previous post. "I know you loved me heavy, and now… but your journeys inspire me to keep inspiring you. Thank you for going on this journey with me. I love you guys!”

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