By Deanna Verbouwens
September 04, 2001

That mini-vacay was not as much of an eating success as I wanted it to be. I did have control being in the house, but there were so many goodies that I found myself picking a lot.

That was followed by a very emotional week. I was offered two jobs offers; neither was exactly what I am looking for, but the opportunity to be a productive member of society, to work and get out of the house a little and earn some money, was definitely tempting. I was also torn because, well, who couldnt use another income?

I declined both offers because, in the end, I need to do whats best for me and my family, and those jobs fell short. But instead of sitting in the emotions, feeling them, and actually talking to friends or family about it (as I know I should do), I made the very clear choice one evening to eat, nosh, and pick.

I knowingly bought veggie sticks (a kind of potato chip made with spinach, carrots, and some other veggies)—they are delish and have the salty goodness I crave. I know they shouldnt be in the house, but I brought them in anyway, ate way too many of them, and ultimately threw the bag away after eating half.

I was happy to have recognized the fact that I cant be near them, but saddened that I turned to food during a moment of stress. Nevertheless, after throwing the bag away, licking the salt off my fingers and my wounds, I went to bed knowing that an incident like that can never happened again. Lesson learned. After all, I also declined both job offers because neither of them were worth it,

Exercise was killer this week, though: I clocked in six solid days, including four days of an hour of intense cardio, and two days of an hour of strength training plus a half hour of cardio. All good!!

This weeks goals

  • Get more sleep. I did it—Week Three of great sleep! Yay!
  • Emotional eating. It came back to haunt me. I need to work on this some more. My goal is to feel the emotion, then channel it into something productive, like playing with the kiddies, looking up interesting recipes, or just being active.
  • Plan meals: I continued to plan all meals and snacks.
  • Exercise: Once again, I did cardio for an hour six days this week.

Next weeks challenge

  • Visit to a winery. Im going to enjoy the scenery, the company, and the music—and NOT focus on the food.