This Woman's Viral Post Looks Like a Typical Weight-Loss Transformation—but the Scale Didn't Budge

What changed was way more important than her weight.

Sometimes it seems like every other post you scroll through on Instagram is a fitness transformation. But if so many of us are willing to post about our physical progress, why don’t we post about our mental progress more often?

Influencer Halle took the lead and did post about the progress she's made with her own mental health issue: her self-love journey and battle with an eating disorder. We have to say, her posts are way more inspiring than any before-and-after weight loss shot we've ever seen.

“This is not a fitness transformation. This is a self-love transformation. Not every photo you see online tells the whole story... There is always another angle that person isn't showing,” Halle wrote in a recent post that shows her own side-by-side body shots taken only seconds apart. Both photos look very different simply because she angled her body in a certain way,

Her point: that you shouldn't buy into all the transformation images you see on social media, since they can be manipulated and edited so easily.

She went on to explain that she originally posted these photos about two years ago, and at the time, she was terrified of showing herself in such a vulnerable way. But the response she got from her followers made it clear to her that she needed to share more things like this.

Many users commented that getting the truth about how transformation photos can be easily manipulated has helped them tremendously. Plus, Halle was then able to connect with a community of people who could help her with her own self-love obstacles, including an eating disorder.

“Showing up for myself first and foremost has helped me in my recovery, having this public diary has given ME a voice and forced my eating disorder to take a backseat,” she wrote.

But Halle doesn’t only show up for herself; she also shows up for her community of followers, who help her just as much as she helps them.

If used in the wrong way, social media can make it hard to keep a body-positive mindset. But if you surround yourself with the right users, like Halle, it can help you build a community of support and inspiration.

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