By Alanna Campbell
September 04, 2001

Well, heres the good news about the past week: I worked out six times. Six times!! I did a little bit of everything: weights with Dianna, Spin class, volleyball, and the dreaded running. Ohhhh the running.
Lets get one thing straight: Im not good at running. I think I was traumatized as a teenager when I had to run an 8:00 mile to make the freshman volleyball team, and Id never even run an entire mile before tryouts (I think I ran it in about 9:45 but still somehow made the team). I ran a 7:40 mile once back then, but have been pretty slow ever since.

In any event, things havent changed much, even though my latest runs have been on a treadmill in a controlled environment. This week I ran (with a few breaks) for half an hour and couldnt even make it three miles. It didnt help that I had the incline set wayyyyyy too high (4.5!) and my heels felt like they were on fire. But I know I HAVE to keep at it, because its just a matter of time before I get the right incline, stop making excuses, and run the entire time without stopping. Ive decided to start running at least once a week, and see where it goes from there.

The bad news is that in last weeks travel challenge of Campbell vs. New Orleans, New Orleans beat me senseless. I made good decisions for about two meals while I was there, then succumbed to poboys, Hurricanes, and beignets. Theyre the Unholy Trinity of awesomeness down there. This was another of those times when I told myself I was somehow eating in moderation by having the Hurricanes on Friday, the poboys on Saturday, and the beignets on Sunday. It doesnt really work that way.

I ate myself into a food coma. I felt draggy and lethargic and knew it was all a direct result of what I was (or wasnt) eating. I know that for the next couple of weeks I REALLY have to focus on eating right. I realize that I have to earn my treats, but I cant let an entire bad weekend of eating blow away the great feeling I had before I left.

Eat right, work out more, lose a little weight, feel SO MUCH BETTER. Its all incredibly connected. I know all of this. Im figuring it out, a little more every single day. Some days, I forget. But Im trying really, really hard. Now, I just have to try a little harder, because the more I try, the more it will stick. And I really, really want it to stick.