By As told to Jacquelyne Froeber
September 10, 2001


From Health magazine
Lisa Oaks traded in ice cream treats for daily runs—and has never been happier.

When I was pregnant in the late 90s, my husband and I thought it was hilarious that local Dairy Queen employees knew us by name and order—the Mr. Misty slush with ice cream! But in October 2008, I bent over to tie my shoes and—weighing 192 pounds—found I couldnt breathe. I did some research and decided to give Dr. Siegals Cookie Diet a try for several months, checking in with my doctor.


The diet jump-started healthy habits I stuck with: I cut out alcohol, bread, pasta, and excess sugar, and started eating more fresh veggies. I also started walking around the block and got up to 30 minutes, about 2 miles, a day. After a few months, I gave myself small running goals, like jogging from one light pole to the next. Soon, I was going longer and longer distances. Before I knew it, I had lost 60 pounds in eight months!

From Heavy to Healthy time line:

  • 192 lbs-October 2008-Got on a bike for the first time in years.
  • 164 lbs-December 2008-Biking works: Dropped two dress sizes.
  • 146 lbs-February 2009-Walked a 5K to raise money for multiple sclerosis.
  • 132 lbs-April 2009-Surgery helps control my seizures—and ups my energy.
  • 132 lbs-May 2010–now-Looking good in size 6 jeans!

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