By Alanna Campbell
Updated September 04, 2001

Five weeks in, and Im finally starting to see what everyone else is talking about. We did our first set of follow-up measurements last week and at first, I didnt know what to make of them because we didnt have my original set! Once I saw the comparison side by side, however, I was pretty pleased. Im most proud of the 3.5” loss in my “Buddha”, as I affectionately refer to my belly. Initially I didnt think it was going anywhere (its big!), but I had to travel for a business trip last week and had to wear a dress for a meeting because none of my pants were fitting properly. That was a pretty good feeling, too!

I also lost an inch and a half off of my chest, an inch off of my hips, and half an inch off of my waist. As one of my friends said to me after I told her my progress so far, “Nobody can take that away from you,” and shes right. Its mine to lose, and nobody elses.

Its exciting knowing Im only a month into it and can keep improving on everything. As far as everything else goes, its still about balance. Im a little out of control with food on weekends, so I have to work on that, especially since I have a job that will require me to start traveling every weekend pretty soon. At least Im recognizing the challenges before me, so they wont catch me off-guard. Okay, Im off! Cheers!