By Fatou Kine Dieye
September 04, 2001

This week started off pretty tough with some work and stress anxiety that I had to medicate with some cookies from TomKat Bakery. Ouch. Ive pretty much admitted to myself that Ill never be able to go cold turkey and quit my fixation with baked goods, so Ive pretty much given up on trying to say goodbye to them for good. What kind of life would that be anyway?

That being said, by Wednesday, I had cleaned up my act and was back to sticking to the meal plan. Its just a matter of making up my mind. Why oh why does that seem to be such a challenge on some days?

After my gym epiphany last week, Ive really started to crack down on my exercise and Ive been trying to do more things for myself outside of my training time with Nichole. The weather improved so I was back on the bike commuting to work and I threw in an extra session of ZUMBA for good measure.

Nichole even threw in a LAST CHANCE WORKOUT (à la Biggest Loser) and had me crawling across the floor pushing a 45-pound weight as fast as I could. Crazy stuff! I dont think Ive ever perspired like that in my life. Holy cow, talk about a workout! Where does she come up with this stuff? I ended the week with another good cardio deed: I ran a 5-mile race in Central Park with one of the other Feel Great Weight Ladies! It was great!