By Alanna Campbell
September 04, 2001

Well, were at the halfway point, and I want a bagel.

I live in New York, the land of magical food. I walked home from the gym this morning, passed right by H&H Bagels, and caught the incredible scent of a fresh batch. Its right down the street from Zabars, another fantastic little gourmet grocery store that has a cafe that smells of fantastic, freshly fried bacon.

All that being said, I did a pretty good job of eating well while traveling for work this past weekend. No fries, which was a huge achievement (I didnt even grab them off other peoples plates!), and while I had a few drinks, I felt good about my balance of fish, salads, and good portions. I brought along my own oatmeal for breakfast and didnt overdo it on snacks.

I also made it to the gym five times like Id intended. Life was no less stressful, but knowing that I was prioritizing myself really helped get through the week. I cant believe were already three months into this journey. I feel like Ive gotten so much out of it, but I also feel like I havent been putting as much into it as Im capable of.

I got a really sweet e-mail from my fellow Feel Great Weight gal Deanna, asking if I wanted to go for a five-mile run with her and Fatou (the third member of our FGW trio). Unfortunately its on a Sunday and I wont be in town, but theres one other thing: I cant run five miles without stopping or walking.

Maybe nows the perfect time to re-assess what I want out of this entire experience so I can get the most out of it. And maybe, just maybe, Ill be able to run five miles without stopping by the end of it. We shall see!