By Alanna Campbell
September 04, 2001

Okay. I have a confession: Im awful when it comes to writing down what I eat. Whenever someones looking at me Im either furiously typing at my computer, texting or e-mailing from my Blackberry so you would think it would be a natural thing to just incorporate into my life. Im always eating at my desk, on the run or out at restaurants so maybe because I have to put my phone down to pick up utensils, sandwiches or chopsticks, I just dont get around to it.

I confessed my awful habit to Marissa and was scolded appropriately. From now on, Im going to send her everything I eat every week and get feedback. I want to start cooking more too, but finding even one night a week where I dont have something going on is all but impossible. It all goes back to me having to prioritize myself, and I think Ive done a pretty good job of that on the workout side of things. Now its just a matter of doing so when it comes to my eating habits.

We had to do our new measurements and weigh-ins this week, and that always makes me nervous. Add to the fact Id just returned from a mildly gluttonous trip to the West Coast (see last weeks encounter with In-N-Out) and I really hoped I hadnt done too much damage.

Fortunately, I had lost weight, and while my measurements hadnt changed too much, I lost 3.5% body fat. (3.5%!!) Thats a LOT. It felt great to know that my work in the gym had paid off. Now I really dread the idea of not getting to the gym or working out at least four times a week. I even uttered the phrase, “I think I want to start running…” to my trainer.

I have a lot of friends that are training for and running in marathons and I find them truly inspiring. For now, Im still thinking about it, but Ill do it when Im ready. Thats the thing about this entire process; everyones said it before, but you finally start to make changes when youre really ready to. Im so pleased with the other changes Ive made that it only makes me look forward to the ones coming up.