The inspiring story of how one woman shed 125 pounds.



As told to Shaun Chavis
From Health magazine

Tracie Creasy, 30 of Vinton, Virginia discovered the number-one secret to lasting weight loss: a workout she loves.

My wake-up call?
The day I realized I was one size away from the largest clothes that Lane Bryant sells. I couldn’t help but think, If I get any bigger, what am I going to fit into?



That was August 2006. I cut out soda immediately, but it wasn’t until that November that I got the nerve to step on a scale (after years of ignoring my weight)—I was 293 pounds. I knew I needed to do some­thing drastic, so I signed up for every water-aerobics class offered at my gym. As for my diet, I decided to just do two things: shrink my portions and cut out fast food.

Soon, I started to feel better (no more achy knees!), so I began walking, cycling, and lifting weights. By July 2008, I had dropped 125 pounds. When I started losing, my goal was just to feel better. Now, I feel like I can really live!








Total lost:


Timeline to Slim

  • 293 lbs-Nov. 2006-Started with water aerobics
  • 273 lbs-Dec. 2006-Lost 20 lbs and one dress size in six weeks. Yay!
  • 216 lbs-Sept. 2007-Walked my first 5K
  • 199 lbs-Dec. 2007-There was a 1 on the scale—a 1!
  • 168 lbs-July 2008–now-Total weight loss: 125 lbs

Her gift:
Since reaching her goal, Tracie’s become a certified group-fitness instructor. Now that she’s helping other women get fit, Danskin offered to help her look great. They’re giving Tracie an All Weather Jacket ($110), the Aerosilver Black Spandex Bootleg Crop Pant ($50), and a Toning Ball ($20). Way to go, Tracie!