AfterKristy Varsetti, 30 of Geneva, Ohio, challenged herself to lose weight and ended up shedding an astounding 139 pounds!

On January 3 2009, a friend convinced me to join Weight Watchers. After stepping on the scale to a blinking 302 pounds, a shock went through me and I knew I had just made the decision to get control over my life back.

I had been going through a slew of serious health risks that nudged me even more to take on the weight loss challenge ahead of me. I began soaking up all the knowledge I could about eating healthy and portion controlsomething I've always struggled with.

I dusted off the kitchen scale and discovered a whole new world of healthy vegetables I didn't know about before. I tracked everything I ate for a month and lost 12 pounds by February 2009!


BeforeFor fitness, I began doing home workouts and also became a regular at jazzercise classes and at the local YMCA. Working out was a way for me to know how many calories I had burned and that helped me make better decisions on how much I consumed.

Running also became a huge passion of mine. After finishing my first 5K in September 2009, it was full throttle ahead for me. I didn't win, but I knew that when I crossed that finish line, I'd be winning for myself.

I'm now 139 pounds lighter! I've come to realize being healthy is a lifestyle and I've found a new lease on life—I'm even looking into becoming a certified kick box instructor!

From Size 26 to Slim Timeline:

  • 302 lbs: January 2009 Joined Weight Watchers (losing 7.5 pounds in one week)
  • 290 lbs: February 2009 Picked up the motto: Eat to Live not Live to Eat
  • 185 lbs: September 2009 Ran first 5K
  • 171 lbs: November 2009 Learned importance of planning meals ahead of time especially during Thanksgiving.
  • 163 lbs: Now I have so much energy!







Total lost: