I didn't set a New Year resolution for myself this year. But, my quickly-approaching 30th birthday inspired me to do something about the 5 pounds that recently crept on.

By Tina Haupert
I didn't set a New Year's resolution this year. But my quickly-approaching 30th birthday inspired me to do something about the 5 pounds that have recently crept on.

While some people dread turning 30, I’m really looking forward to entering a new decade of my life. But I want to enter my 30s as my healthiest self and looking my best, so I'm starting a five-month journey to get myself in tip-top shape. I even have a name for my challenge: Lose the Dough for the Big 3-0.

OK, the name is corny—I know. But I think Lose the Dough describes my current situation pretty well. Since my wedding well over a year ago, I've gained some, well, dough. Research shows that married women gain more weight than single gals, and I'm certainly no exception. And while I'm not obsessing about the number on the scale, I'd realistically like to lose 5 pounds and tone up in time for my birthday on June 19.

But I know these changes won't happen overnight. If you’ve read my weight-loss story, you know that it look me an entire year to lose 20 pounds. Permanent changes to my lifestyle helped me lose the weight and keep (most of) it off for five-plus years now. So I'm giving myself a reasonable time frame of five months to get there.

And Lose the Dough isn't just a diet. Sure, I hope to see the scale budge, and I'd love some more muscle tone. But I also want the changes that I make to stick with me longer than just those five months. Basically, my 30th birthday is the perfect excuse for me to step it up with living a healthy lifestyle!


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So here's what I'll be doing to make these goals a reality. I'm focusing on three key areas—my diet, exercise goals, and general well-being. I want to be healthy both physically and mentally by the time my milestone birthday rolls around. I'll keep you updated with my plan and progress throughout the five months.

Wish me luck!