By Deanna Verbouwens
Updated September 04, 2001

This was a tough week. For some reason or another I was really moody; it may be at least partly due the routine of school with my son. Its his first year, and although its great because we have more structure, hes eating so much better, and enjoying himself, its a ton of planning, and I am forgetting to plan for myself.

Food was good but not great. I confirmed what Ive thought for a long time: Carbs are a trigger for me, especially if I have nothing planned for the next meal or snack. Even an itty bitty whole wheat wrap is a trigger, and I am better off going without than bringing it into the house.

I fought temptation hard this week—seriously, I was like a lion hunting zebras on the plains of the Serengeti. I was looking to make the kill but instead I actually felt the emotions. I made myself stop and feel what I was feeling. It was hard, it sucked, but it worked. I put away the food, had a good cry (I mean, a girl needs a good cry every once in a while, right?), and went my way. I have come far with the emotional eating—although I have the feeling that before it gets easier, its going to get tougher. Oh well, Im a tough chick.

Exercise was good, but not great. I scaled back so I could preserve my legs, because I had a relay race over the weekend. Our team of eight runners covered 50 miles across Long Island. It was raining during my 6.3 miles and I had some tough hills, but overall it was a fantastic run. I cut my time down by a full minute, running a 10:47 mile. I cant wait till I get to a solid 10 minute mile.

In addition, my gym training is going great. Jess, my training goddess, is really pushing me, totally upping the weights and the intensity of our workouts. Its hard but awesome!

This weeks goals

  • Get more sleep and plan meals. I missed the marked on getting more sleep and while I planned most of my meals, I didnt plan all of them. I should have been more diligent in both respects.

Next weeks goals

  • Get more sleep. This is still on my list—how frustrating!! Im not sure what it will take to make me go to bed by 10:00 every night! Ive got to do it this week. This will stay as a challenge until I get to bed at 10:00 for a full five days!!
  • Plan meals. I am keeping this on my list until I have two flawless planning weeks in a row. Last week was good, but not as stellar as the week before.