By Fatou Kine Dieye
September 04, 2001

So my biggest challenge this week was tackling the food situation. I think Ive got the cookie thing under control for the time being (Wednesday is my day to have one and savor it for a good 10 minutes), but its the rest of the food program that I find difficult. Even though I had a stocked fridge with yummy alternatives, I found myself eating the same thing for two or maybe even three days in row! Maybe its a security blanket issue, but when I find something that works, Im reluctant to let it go.

So even though I successfully managed to avoid skipping meals and consumed the required three meals and three snacks per day, I ended up eating the same thing over and over again! Boredom has been my downfall in the past, so I feel like I need to be careful. Im supposed to check in with the nutritionist this week, so Im hoping shell have some suggestions.

The gym stuff is pretty fun, actually. Ive been lifting weights (hello, Michelle Obama arms!) and trying to crank out three sets of halfway decent push-ups. In addition to two days with my trainer at Equinox, Nichole, I made it to the gym three other times to get my heart rate up. My sweat glands are in serious overdrive now, and I find myself ‘glowing throughout the day—even when I am NOT working out. A little inconvenient, if you ask me…but if I get legs like Tina Turner, Ill suck it up.

Nothing much else to report. I got a bad muscle cramp in my back last week that took me a day or two to work out. This was followed by an unfortunate ankle twist while walking down the stairs. Im training for a half-marathon, and neither of those things helped!

On a better note, I took a peak at the scale and it looks like I am doing some damage weight-loss wise! Hallelujah!