Since my job revolves around food, I have plenty of opportunities to (over)indulge and skip my workouts. So I've found four tricks that help me stick to my Feel Great Weight.


By Tina Haupert
It’s easy to understand why I love my job. In addition to writing for, I also blog full time at Carrots 'N' Cake. Three times a day, I document my meals and workouts by taking photos and posting them on my blog. The best part for me (and the worst part for my waistline)? This also involves many yummy restaurant meals and travel events, which give me plenty of opportunities to (over)indulge and skip my workouts. Sometimes, it’s tough to deal with all of the temptations, but I’ve learned a number of strategies that help me do my job and keep me at my Feel Great Weight.

I rock my skinny jeans. Last weekend, my husband and I were treated to a mini-vacation at Mohegan Sun in return for a review on my blog. Instead of wearing a loose, flowing dress to dinner, I wore tight skinny jeans. They were a little less comfortable, but they were a constant reminder of my diet goals. During our four-course meal, I was much more cognizant of how much I was eating, thanks to my waistband. I made sure not to go overboard on the breadbasket so I could savor all the amazing dishes—and still have room for a few bites of dessert!


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I get away from the kitchen. Since I work from home, my laptop is never far from my kitchen. This means I’m constantly tempted to grab handfuls of cereal, crackers, and more. Instead of succumbing, I make plans to work from a local coffee shop a couple of days a week. It’s nice to get out of the house, support a small business—and I usually get a lot more done when I’m not at home! And when I’m home and find myself going crazy on the Wheat Thins, I take a quick walk around the block to get out of the house and distract myself from mindlessly snacking.

I drink my dessert. I love dessert, so all of the blogger dinners out on the town are really tempting. In fact, I think that dining with foodies makes dessert even more tantalizing! After an impressive multi-course meal, I often order a nonfat latte or a sweet decaf tea instead of dessert. Sipping a warm beverage is social and keeps me busy during the final course of the meal. Plus, my blogger friends are usually willing to share a bite or two of their dessert, so I never miss out.

I plan my workouts. My favorite aspect of my job is traveling and exploring new cities. Even though it may seem like I’m on a vacation, I’m actually working the whole time, so I make sure to stick to my typical workweek habits. That means I have no excuse to skip my workouts—even when I’m short on time. I always pack my sneakers and workout gear to squeeze in a quick workout in the hotel gym. If the hotel doesn’t have one (or if I can’t stand being cooped up in there), I’ll pack my Garmin to run outside or an exercise DVD (I love Physique 57) to do in my hotel room before starting the day.