By Alanna Campbell
September 04, 2001

I think weve officially reached the point where my life couldnt be any busier if I tried. In addition to working during the week, traveling every weekend, playing on my two (sometimes three) volleyball teams and working out, life in general seems to have been kicked up a notch. Catching up with friends I havent seen in months and other little social outings barely had me home all week. But the best part of the week had to be the variety of support that I was shown from people expected and unexpected.

On Monday, while working out with my trainer, she said to me, “Okay, dont take this the wrong way, but your butt is starting to look GREAT!” I laughed, and said something to the effect of, “Ohhhhh, I bet you tell ALL your clients that!” But it was very nice of her to say.

She also went on to tell me that she was very pleased with my progression with my form in my workouts, which matters just as much to me as my weight does. I want to walk away from this experience knowing how to push myself, continue to take care of myself and know I can keep doing the workouts Ive been doing on my own when the time comes (not that I want to think about it. Can I just keep Dianna forever?).

I caught up with one of my best friends I hadnt seen in at least two months and she was blown away by my progress. Weve both struggled and succeeded with our weight gains and losses over the years and she was really encouraging. Weve always been around the same size too, but admittedly Im more slender these days and she could tell.

“Alanna, look at your thigh next to MY thigh. Seriously, youre my new inspiration.” To hear her say that meant so much to me, because in the past SHES been my inspiration, so it felt really good to hear that from someone I care about so much. Again, I see it but I dont. I ended up sending her home with three pairs of my jeans that Ive grown out of - now THAT I could see!

Finally, over the weekend, a guy friend that I see on a pretty regular basis walked behind me up a flight of stairs and said, “Alanna, dont take this the wrong way, but youre starting to get a really nice ass!” I said, “Funny, my trainer said the same thing!” We shared a laugh over it and I thanked him.

Its nice to hear the support in between working, working out, seeing friends, and the occasional few hours of sleep. Ive been saying it all along: its all about balance, and while I forget sometimes it, its nice to have that reaffirmed by the people around you.