By Alanna Campbell
September 04, 2001

This week was my first back on the road for work, and I have to say it went better than I anticipated. I was smart and tried to stock up my “treat” meals and snacks so I had a little wiggle room for things like sweet potato fries and the chocolates they left on my pillow at the hotel!

Saturday night, we ended up having pizza, but I stuck to the veggie and cheese variety and had a TON of salad and sliced-up cucumbers and peppers that were leftover from a meeting.

Whats still remarkable to me are the following two things: On Friday night, I had fries, plus I had a couple of beers. By Saturday morning, I felt like a Macys Thanksgiving Day parade balloon. It still blows me away that things I did so frequently for so long (eat fried food and drink beer) now bother me if I do them concurrently.

So last night, I had a “treat” cider, but ate salad and grilled chicken and laid off dessert because I knew it wouldve just made me feel bad—and if I can control those feelings, why would I consciously subject myself to that? I feel like, eight weeks in, Im finally starting to get the hang of the balance thing.

The next thing really great thing about the weekend was the positive response from a lot of coworkers that I hadnt seen in a while. I was told everything from “Youre skinny!” (which I dont see, but Ill take it) to “Youre gonna have to buy all new clothes!”, which I couldnt be more thrilled about. But as Ive said before, this is a journey, and were not even two months into it yet. I look forward to building upon my success and staying on track, which wont get any easier for the next 20 weeks on the road.

Finally, I had my own little breakthrough. I was supremely let down this week by someone I considered very close to me. In the past, the first thing Id do in such a situation would be reach for whatever food was available, or venture out to find something that Id be able to shove in my face. While I thought about doing the same thing this time around, thats as far as the action went. I thought about it, I analyzed it, and I came to the realization that it wasnt worth blowing my amazing morning Spin class on a fleeting moment in which I couldve ordered anything off the room service dessert menu.

Speaking of that Spin class, my instructor said something that morning that really stuck with me: During a remix of Christina Aguileras “Beautiful,” she yelled in her drill-sergeant-esque tone, “YOURE SO BEAUTIFUL WHEN YOURE FIGHTING FOR WHAT YOU WANT!!!!!” It was precisely the reminder I needed. Talk to you guys soon!